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    • 05 Oct 2017
    • 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
    • Online - Zoom

    ATD Piedmont presents

    "Building a Professional Reputation on Social Media"

    This series of classes is structured to provide the best practices and guidance needed for business professionals to be able to get the greatest business value from their use of social media.

    During each session we will explore the use of LinkedIn, Facebook and even Twitter as business tools beyond marketing. The sessions will include introductions of new ideas as well as proven best practices related to using social media in an intentional and purpose driven manner.

    Each session will be 45 minutes in length with time for Q&A from the attendees afterwards.

    We will deliver these sessions via webinar and each session will be recorded.

    Session #3 - Building a Professional Reputation on Social Media

    “People do business and want to be around people they trust, respect and like.” @TLBurriss

    Our reputations are vital to our personal and professional growth in life, career and business, on social media as well as in real life.

    This session will include:

    • Why social media can have a significant impact on our personal and professional reputations. 
    • What types of content influence our online reputation.
    • What types of content will destroy our online reputation.
    • The best practices of distributing content on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
    • How to like, comment and share content on social media for the greatest value.
    • Lots of Q&A time.

    Webinar link will be provided upon registration.

    Your webinar facilitator, Teddy Burriss of Burriss Consulting, Inc. is a LinkedIn Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Public Speaker and author.

    Teddy’s focus is leading teams of employees to adopt the best practices of  using social media as business tools in order for them to better achieve their business development goals.

    Teddy has spent the past 12 years experimenting with and developing best practices and processes regarding using social media as business tools for a broad array of industries and business roles.

    Teddy delivers LinkedIn Professional Development Programs and 1:1 Coaching Programs designed to guide business professionals through building a Professional Presence, Relevant Network and Trusted Reputation on LinkedIn and other social media sites that support growing their business.

Past events

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19 Jan 2017 2017 Kickoff Networking Social - Piedmont Chapter ATD
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20 Sep 2016 Be Amazing at Webinars and Presentations
08 Sep 2016 Prizes, Food, Drive and Fun! Membership Drive and Mixer
11 Aug 2016 Games and Simulations for Learning
26 Jul 2016 Virtual CPLP Study Group Summer / Fall 2016
14 Jul 2016 BLAB...BLAB...BLAB...Engage your Team with Blab! (Webinar)
12 Jul 2016 2016 Summer / Fall CPLP Virtual Study Group Information Session
14 Jun 2016 Eye Candy for the Brain....How to Make Infographics FAST!!
12 May 2016 All Work and No Play is No Way to Work
21 Apr 2016 Training Programs at Forsyth Tech @ Innovation Quarter
10 Mar 2016 World Café – Leveraging A Large Group Decision-Making Model
09 Feb 2016 2016 CPLP Virtual Study Group Information Session 2
09 Feb 2016 Your Employees Have Quit... They Just Haven't Left
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14 Jan 2016 2016 ATD Piedmont Networking Social: Winston-Salem
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01 Dec 2015 Let's Get Ready To Rumble... 3rd Annual Holiday Throw Down
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13 Oct 2015 Facilitation Finesse - Facilitation Tips and Tricks - Sneaky Stuff
08 Sep 2015 Facilitator Finesse Series: Everyone Can Draw! Get your Graphic Facilitator Game On!
11 Aug 2015 Facilitator Finesse Series: High Impact, High Energy Experiential Activities on a Shoestring Budget!!!!
14 Jul 2015 Show and Tell Tuesday - ATD Piedmont Style!!!
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28 May 2015 CPLP Virtual Study Group Information Session
12 May 2015 Build Bridges Through Cultural Awareness at the Center for New North Carolinians Roadshow
14 Apr 2015 Training with the Brain in Mind
12 Mar 2015 Novant Roadshow - Forsyth Medical Center
12 Feb 2015 Networking for Mutual Benefit
13 Jan 2015 2015 ATD Piedmont Kickoff Social & Networking
11 Dec 2014 Holiday Spectacular Featuring the Throw-Down!
14 Nov 2014 Munch & Mingle - ATD Piedmont
11 Nov 2014 Roadshow: Bell Partners, Inc.
24 Oct 2014 Munch & Mingle - ATD Piedmont
14 Oct 2014 Project Management for Learning Professionals
13 Oct 2014 Evening Event with Lou Russell – Project Management Seminar
12 Sep 2014 Munch & Mingle - ATD Piedmont
09 Sep 2014 From Boring to WOW! Transform Your Training Programs by Leveraging the Power of Business Games, Simulations, and Discovery Learning
12 Aug 2014 Power Up Level 1 Evaluations - with Ken Phillips
08 Aug 2014 Munch & Mingle - Piedmont ASTD
22 Jul 2014 Webinar: Bite Size Learning - Mind Gym
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24 Jun 2014 Lunch-n-Learn: Getting Manager Involvement in Learning
16 Jun 2014 Webinar: Piedmont ASTD New Member Orientation
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22 May 2014 Paper Cuts Reading Group Discussion
15 May 2014 Webinar: New Member Orientation
13 May 2014 Networking Event
12 May 2014 Webinar: New Member Orientation
09 May 2014 Munch & Mingle - Piedmont ASTD
24 Apr 2014 Paper Cuts Reading Group Discussion
10 Apr 2014 BB&T Roadshow
27 Mar 2014 Paper Cuts Reading Group Discussion
14 Mar 2014 Munch & Mingle - Piedmont ASTD
13 Mar 2014 Work of Leaders: How Vision, Alignment, and Execution will Change the Way You Lead
14 Feb 2014 CANCELED! Munch & Mingle - Piedmont ASTD
13 Feb 2014 Webinar: The 2013 ASTD Competency Model
14 Jan 2014 Piedmont ASTD 2014 Kick Off Meeting
12 Dec 2013 Holiday Spectacular Featuring the Throw-Down!
07 Nov 2013 Creating Agility in a Volatile and Uncertain World
10 Oct 2013 Wake Forest University Professional Development Center Road Show
10 Sep 2013 Two Days of Learning! PowerPoint-Based Rapid eLearning Tips & Tricks AND Build Interactive E-Learning with Articulate Storyline
08 Aug 2013 ConvaTec Roadshow
09 Jul 2013 Straight Talk on Your Role in Training Effectiveness
13 Jun 2013 Building Effective Leaders in a Dynamic Workplace
14 May 2013 Webinar: Culture Trumps Strategy – Finding a Way to Implement Mobile at Defense Acquisition University
11 Apr 2013 Volvo Trucks Roadshow
12 Mar 2013 Real Project Management for Trainers
14 Feb 2013 Webinar: Introduction to Scenario-based e-learning
15 Jan 2013 ASTD Annual Kick Off Meeting
11 Dec 2012 Holiday Networking and Social Extravaganza!
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13 Nov 2012 PASTD New Member Orientation
09 Oct 2012 Road Show - Banner Pharmacaps, Inc
11 Sep 2012 Understanding Work Styles Using CCL's Work Life Indicator
14 Aug 2012 Road Show - Ralph Lauren High Point Direct
10 Jul 2012 Social Media for Trainers
05 Jun 2012 Transferring ILT to Online Synchronous Training - How'd they do that?
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10 Jan 2012 January Kickoff
13 Dec 2011 December Social
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